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The basic spirit of etihas.in is to share and disseminate the knowledge and content for the larger social good of society rather than simply selling and making money. We spend much time and resources in producing new educational content. But we also know that a large number of internet visitors are used to finding free content (legal or otherwise) and very few like to pay for digital content. As of now, it is very difficult to sell digital educational content to general audience. However, we also don’t wish to call ourselves ‘non-profit’ and should at least be a ‘non-loss’ entity. We are open for financial support from individuals and organizations which will be used for further content generation.

Currently, our videos are hosted on youtube.com and freely accessible to anyone either from the etihas website or mostly searchable on youtube (which also means that some smart users may be able to download/save them using a third party application). While we aim to make all our content as widely and freely accessible as possible, some of it in future would also be kept in a premium category to raise funds (mainly to run the expenses of etihas and to pay a ‘royalty’ to the content producers or copyright holders). While Youtube has many advantages (such as great traffic, wide exposure and searchability), it also has some limitations. In future, we plan to try hosting the videos on an alternate streaming site or use a mix of hosting platforms – youtube for freely available short videos (which are promos or teasers for longer videos), and other sites such as vimeo or our own hosting space for premium, long-duration videos for specific subscribers. In fact, in future our videos would also be made available for sale in raw/unedited format for syndication to other businesses and/or in DVDs or other off-line packages for sale to public and educational institutions (for subscribers with no internet or bandwidth for streaming videos).
Etihas.in will obviously share the generated income with all content providers in a number of ways, with transparent ways of making available user statistics. Hence, if you as a content producer/provider plan to host your video on etihas.in, you can consider the following options:

  1. A short (3-7 mins) video that introduces your story (freely available to all)
  2. The longer, full-length video (of any duration) available either as free or at a premium
  3. Original/high-resolution videos (edited or unedited) for syndication (B2B)
  4. Longer videos in DVD or other off-line packages for sale*

For above outlets #2 and 3, you as content provider may either decide what you wish to charge your user or allow us to keep it with standard rates. Yours can either be a streaming-only video and/or a downloadable one. Generally, all income generated from the sale of videos will be shared between content-provider and etihas.in on 50:50 basis. However, the term ‘content provider’ could mean various things, such as (a) person or persons giving an interview or performance directly to etihas team which uses its personnel and technology to record, edit and format the content, (b) a producer who provides unedited/raw footage or recordings, images or other media to etihas team which in turn edits/formats/designs it, or (c) a producer who provides a finished/edited media to etihas (according to our technical guidelines) that needs no or very little finishing/editing. For recordings of interviews/performances made with experts/artists, a lump sum honorarium will be paid. In the situations where etihas team has to work on the videos to edit/finalize them, we will first deduce the money used for editing out of the generated income (@ current market rates of editing) and then share the remaining income 50:50 with the content provider. In all situations, a standard agreement will be signed between the content provider and etihas.in to safeguard the relevant intellectual property rights.  In the spirit of disseminating knowledge freely, we would also encourage content providers to keep their content free if they can.

Another way to generate income through our online content is via advertisements that are either inserted on the videos (mostly by youtube) or placed on our website. The income generated out of youtube ads will be shared 50:50 with the content provider (you can also specify if you don’t want ads on your videos). Etihas will also place a small logo/watermark on all videos (even those contributed by the third party) to identify them as Ektara content (although that does not necessarily affect the copyright status of the content). Videos or content sold to other businesses (for syndication) may not have the inserted logo if the client wishes, although a credit will be given in the final product to Ektara and the original content producer.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome. , and spread the good word about Ektara archive. Kindly note: From January 2017, the initial name of this web archive, etihas.in, is being changed to Ektara.

*For the above situation (#4) where generic DVDs or offline packages are produced for sale, it may not be feasible to keep track of specific video content from different contributors. Thus, the income generated out of such packages (after deducting the charges of DVD production and marketing) will be kept in a generic Ektara fund that will periodically be shared among all regular contributors of Ektara.

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