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Ektara, September 2017
1. Conference on the Popular Culture of Urdu Language at New Delhi
2. History of India's print and publishing industry: online resources
3. Featured video: D. Raghunandan on Science and Anti-Science
4. Announcement: 'Say No to Hatred' events in India

Ektara, July 2017
1. Meraj Ahmed Nizami qawwal: Toray bina mohay chayn nahin, Braj ke Nandlala
2. Kalighat Style of Paintings: online resources
3. Featured video: Prof. Bipan Chandra on Mahatma Gandhi
4. Ishtihar Tasveeren: Visual Culture of Early Urdu Magazines (Visual essay)

Ektara, May 2017
1. Yakum Mai, Yaum-e mazdoor: Urdu poetry on Labour Day
2. Mazdoor ki bansuri, a nazm by Jameel Mazhari (on May Day)
3. Poet Kabir: Guide to online resources
4. Gurukul - A story of hope (documentary)

Ektara, March 2017
1. Subhendu Ghosh: Sakal ban phool rahi sarson (a Basant song)
2. Metals and Metallurgy in Ancient India: Guide to online resources
3. Featured Video: Environmental heritage of India's North East
4. Call for Papers: Popular Culture of Urdu Language
5. Announcements: Mehrauli Neighbourhood Museum; 'A Tongue Untied'

Ektara, January 2017:
1. Ustad R. Fahimuddin Dagar: Continuity and Change in Music Traditions
2. Kashmir in Historic Film Footage
3. Featured Video: The Masters of the Rivers - Mysteries of Mohenjo-Daro
4. Announcements: Call for Papers from Tasveer Ghar: Manly Matters

December 2016, issue 12:
1. Prof. Suraj Bhan: Archaeology and Communal Forces
2. Featured Video: Gandhara, the Renaissance of Buddhism
3. India's Historic Coins and Currency: An online guide

November 2016, issue 11:
1. Diwali milan: Urdu nazms of Nazeer Akbarabadi and Nazeer Banarasi
2. Asghar Ali Engineer: How History is Told
3. Biology and Medical Sciences in India's History

October 2016, issue 10:
1. Ashok Vajpeyi: The Cosmic Vision of Mirza Ghalib
2. Delhi City in Historic Film Footage - A Selection
3. Featured video: Humsaye - Two Nations, Two Neighbours

September 2016, issue 9:
1. Sunil Sharma: His journey through Indo-Persian literature, part 2
2. Amma moray baba ko bhejo ri: Sung by Madan Bala Sindhu & friends
3. Featured video: Dhruv Raina - Rewriting the History of Science...
4. Dyeing of fabrics in India: list of online resources

August 2016, issue 8:
1. Raziuddin Aquil: Political Justice and History
2. Raziuddin Aquil: Disseminating History in Today's India
3. Featured video: Veena Sahasrabuddhe - Tarana in Raga Mian ki Malhar
4. Monsoons in Indian history and Culture: a guide to online resources

July 2016, issue 7:
1. Asghar Ali Engineer on Communalism and Nation-building, Part 1
2. Asghar Ali Engineer on Communalism and Nation-building, part 2
3. Eid Mubarak: Sadia Wahidi reads Urdu poetry on Eid festival
4. Eid us pariwash ki: Recitation of Nazm by Abdul Ahad Saaz
5. King Ashoka: a list of historical resources online

June 2016, issue 6:
1. Contrasting Akbar with Aurangzeb, by Raziuddin Aquil (part 1)
2. Contrasting Akbar with Aurangzeb, Pitfalls of Histrical Stereotypes, Raziuddin Aquil (part 2)
3. Sanskrit sources of India's History - a list of online resources

May 2016, issue 5:
1. Cinema Etihas: Joy Bimal Roy talks about his filmmaker father
2. The meaning of Patriotism/Nationalism - part 2 (Talks)

3. Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan sings a Persian tarana
4. Historical maps of India and South Asia: online links

April 2016, issue 4:
1. The meaning of Patriotism/Nationalism - part 1 (Five songs)
2. Guftam ke raushan az qamar - Amir Khusrau's ghazal performed by Rene Singh
3. Cave and rock art in India - a list of online resources
4. Featured video: Step wells of India - historical water management

March 2016, issue 3:
1. Sunil Sharma on Indo Persian Literature and Culture (transcript)
2. Manto's 'Allah ka Bada Fazl Hai' recited by Sadia Wahidi
3. List of oral and folk history archives on the Internet (part 2)
4. Featured Video:Legacy: The Origins of Civilization - India (documentary)
5. Notes for contributors to

February 2016, issue 2:
1. Indo Persian Culture - Meetings at the Crossroads
2. Ashok Vajpeyi: Challenges to Cultural Plurality in Contemporary India
3. Mela Basant Bahar - a documentary film about the Basant festival at Lahore, Pakistan
4. Basant - Spring festival celebrated at Nizamuddin Aulia's shrine at Delhi
5. Oral history archives on the Internet - a select list

January 2016, issue 1:
1. An introduction to ETIHAS/Ektara archive and magazine
2. Do languages have a religion? Is Urdu the language of Muslims?
3. Ustad Badruzzaman and Qamruzzaman of Lahore sing a Khayal in Punjabi
4. Sadia Wahidi recites a poem of Nazeer Akbarabadi (Khel kood Kanhaiyya ka)
5. A preview of videos in forthcoming issues of Etihas magazine
6. Anciant Indian Science - Dissecting myth and reality: a list of relevant links

(From January 2017, has been renamed Ektara.
Also, in 2017, Ektara will be issued once in two months)

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