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Kindly note: Ektara.org is different from other groups by similar names such as Ektaraindia.in, Ek tara, Ektara Collective and Ektara foundation etc. We launched out activities and products in 2003.

Ektara video magazine
November 2019

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Welcome to Ektara, the online video magazine of history, society and culture of India and South Asia. We hope our stories and interviews will entertain and inspire you, and arouse your appetite for more about our rich and diverse pasts. Ektara magazine comes out once every two months. We need your support to keep it running.

In this new issue, we bring you the following short videos and segments:

1. Allison Busch: Charisma and Kingship, Views from Mughal-period Hindi
2. Tasveer Ghar: Pahalwan Portraits
3. Featured video: Where did the People of India come from?
4. Book review: Alef is for Allah by Jamal Elias

1. Allison Busch: Charisma and Kingship, Views from Mughal-period Hindi
Prof. Allison Busch who taught Hindi literature at the Columbia University, NY, sadly passed away on October 19, 2019. This recording of her talk is from the symposium "Court, Sampradāya and Beyond: A Workshop on Hindi Literary Traditions from the 16th to 19th Centuries," held on April 13, 2018 at UC Berkeley. More about Prof. Busch here.

2. New feature from Tasveer Ghar: Pahalwan Portraits

Manly Consumers of Physical Culture in Western India
This visual essay by Namrata Ganneri explores the popular printed images of pahalwans or wrestlers in western India in early 20th century. http://tasveergharindia.net/essay/pahalwan-portraits

3. Featured: Where did People of India and Other Parts of South,
Central Asia Come From?

Prabir Purkayastha discusses the findings of a recent study which traces the ancestry of the people of India and other parts of South and Central Asia. From newsclick.in

4. Book review: Alef is for Allah by Jamal Elias
Alef is for Allah: Childhood, Emotion, and Visual Culture in Islamic Societies is a new book by Jamal J. Elias from the University of California Press, 2018. Review by Yousuf Saeed at Reading Religion, a web publication of the American Academy of Religion.

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