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Welcome to the tenth issue of, an online video magazine of history, arts and culture of India and South Asia (brought to you by Ektara group). ETIHAS (acronym for Educational Technology for Indian History, Arts and Society) hopes to bring forth various aspects of history and artistic traditions for everyone - especially the younger generation - in an easy to follow language and visuals. Please watch the assorted videos below or go straight to the latest (10th) issue. See a list of previous issues or videos >

Madan Bala Sindhu: Amma moray baba ko bhejo (Sept. 2016)

Delhi footage

The city of Delhi in historic film
footage: a selection

Do languages have a religion?
Is Urdu the language of Muslims?

Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan sings
a Persian tarana (May 2016)

History for Everyone
Introduction to

Basant in Lahore, Pakistan
A Documentary film (Feb. 2016)

Evolution of Indo Persian Culture:
Mini documentary (April 2016 issue)

Ashok Vajpeyi on 'Challenges to
India's cultural pluralism'

Raziuddin Aquil: Political Justice and History (Aug 2016 issue)

Cinema Etihas - Bimal Roy
Talking to Joy Bimal Roy (May 2016)

At we strive to keep our information and media about history as authentic and unbiased as possible. We do not wish to ascribe to a particular political standpoint or interpretation of historical facts, and wish to represent a holistic and scientific view of facts. The visitors are free to provide their comment and feedback on our content.

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